Trip Days 24 days
    Difficult Moderate-Hard
    Budget Rs.
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The Upper Dolpo lies in the higher part of the Dolpa district in western Nepal. Upper Dolpo trek is a high altitude trek exceeding 5000m of elevation. The region is tangled with the Tibetan border as a result influence of Tibetan culture and religion is clear. Upper Dolpo is also officially recognized as the fifth school of Tibetan Buddhism.

Dolpo has been a restricted and isolated for many years so it’s a peaceful place, unlike other trekking areas. It is famous for Film shooting spots and the first English-based Nepali movie “The Caravan” was a successful movie also nominated for Oscar awards.

The trek passes through huge mountains like Mt. Annapurna (8091m), Dhaulagiri (8167m) and Kanjirowa (6883m) along will the high hills of Lower Dolpo. The visit to Shey Phoksundo National Park is also in the package where you can witness a variety of flora and fauna including snow leopard, Musk deer Himalayan Blue Sheep and many others.

  • Start From : Kathmandu
  • End At : Kathmandu
  • Country : Nepal


Days Duration Altitude Location Overnight
Day 1 Altitude 1350m Arrive at Kathmandu&transport to hotel. At hotel
Day 2 Altitude 1350m Trek preparation day and sightseeing at Kathmandu At Hotel
Day 3 1 hrs Altitude 1350m Fly to Nepaljung At Hotel
Day 4 1 hrs fly 3 hrs trek Jufal 'altitude 2475m and Dunai 'altitude 2140m Fly to Jufal then trek to Dunai At guest house
Day 5 6-7 hrs Altitude 2680m Trek Dunai to Chhepak Camping
Day 6 6-7 hrs Altitude 3000m Trek to Chunuar from Chhepak Camping
Day 7 5-6 hrs Altitude 3700m trek to Phoksundo Camping
Day 8 Rest and sightseeing day Camping
Day 9 6-7 hrs Altitude 3690m trek form March to forest camp Camping
Day 10 7-8 hrs Altitude 4800m trek for Nangdala high camp Camping
Day 11 6-7 hrs Altitude 5400m Trek to Shegumpa (Nangda-La pass 5400m) Camping
Day 12 6-7 hrs Altitude 5100m Trek to Namgunggumpa ( se-la pass 5100m) Camping
Day 13 5-6 hrs Altitude 3800m trek to Saldang Camping
Day 14 Day hike with sightseeing Camping
Day 15 6-7 hrs Altitude 4100m March to Komash village Camping
Day 16 6-7 hrs Altitude 3900m Trek from Komash village to Siman Camping
Day 17 5-6 hrs Altitude 4090m trek form March to Tinje Camping
Day 18 6-7 hrs Altitude 4000m Walk from Tinje to Yakkharka Camping
Day 19 6-7 hrs Altitude 4300m Trek for Tokyu Camping
Day 20 Altitute 4000m Trek to Dhotarap and take a rest Camping
Day 21 6-7 hrs Altitude 3500m trek March to Chhegur Camping
Day 22 5-6 hrs Altitude 2475m March to Tarakot Camping
Day 23 7-8 hrs Altitude 2475m trek to Jufal Camping
Day 24 Fly to Jufal- Nepalgunj- Kathmandu At Hotel


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