About Us

Welcome to Kailash Adventure Trek

The Company is named after the Holy Mountain Kailash has its religious significance for Hinduism, Buddhism, Bon and Jainism is comprehensive. The word “Kailash” is derived from “kelasa” which means crystal. Although called by many names with different meaning Mount Kailash has been a means of hope and inspiration for devotees.

Kailash Adventure Treks has been providing quality services to the costumers since 2015 A.D. We are the team of experienced professionals continuously striving for better products and services to our clients. Our well organized management and team work has made the task possible. Love and support from our clients and guests has always been a source of inspiration for us to do better and take our work to higher level. We are always looking for your suggestion and valuable comment on our services.

Kailash Adventure wants to welcome all the enthusiastic, Adventure and challenge lovers to come and explore one of the beautiful countries and places in the world. We provide a picture-perfect package for you holidays and vacation.

Meet our team Members

Hermoine Granger

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